Soil Preparation.

This is the #1 thing you can do to improve your turf...PRIOR TO SEEDING.

Soil compaction is the number 2 or 3 problem with turfs (seeded and sodded) [shade is #1, and inadequate water is #2]. Soil Preparation is a way to ensure a good seed bed, improve water infiltration, and enable good root establishment. We only offer soil preparation as an option associated with our hydroseeding services. We will bring in equipment and till the soil to a flat seed bed ready to grow your new hydroseeded lawn and minimize surface imperfections in the final turf. Depending on the job, equipment will vary from large (skid steer) to small walk behind equipment. On large jobs, we may bring in multiple, skid steers with soil "preparator" and soil "levelers" to get the site ready for hydroseeding.

Without Preparation
With Preparation

Too Expensive?

The cost of soil preparation may be high, however you can only be truly successful when you do it RIGHT and do it before you seed (or Sod).

The cost of soil preparation can be as high, or higher than the cost to hydroseed. The costs are associated with time and equipment cost to conduct the preparation. A job that will take an hour to hydroseed may take 5 hours to conduct adequate soil preparation. If you have poor or inadequate soil preparation, you will probably need to re-sod or re-hydroseed.

Address compaction and "level" before you establish your lawn.

Compaction and low/high spots can be addressed after establishment... but it will take years, and years, and years, did I mention years?

Compacted soil will restrict the ability for roots or water to penetrate in the soil for your turf. This problem is very difficult to rectify after seeding or sodding and will take years (multiple) to rectify. The cheapest, best, and fastest way to address compacted soil is prior to seeding. Soil preparation can help or rectify the problems. Additionally, addressing soil compaction improves the environment by enabling water to infiltrate the soil, vs going into the storm drains.


You can treat bad Ph, fertility, or biotic's after a turf is established... but compaction is HARD!

Prep your soil prior to seeding! This is your best chance at getting your turf off to a good, and long term, start while reducing years of future problems with irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. Goose Grass loves compacted soil, as does Crab Grass... but all the turfs home owners want can't stand Compacted Soil!