image-pope-afb Mixing

For home owners, here’s an example of the products and mixing that occurs either at your location, or prior to arriving at your location. Hydroseeder: Here’s a demonstration of how we mix and add materials to our equipment.

image-ft-bragg-shooting-house Commercial Hydroseeding

Commercial and residential hydroseeding are the same. The primary differences in the jobs are typically scope (commercial is larger) and specifications. Commercial contracts typically specify erosion seeds and mulches while residential customers are more interested in the final turf. Soil amendments that could be cost prohibitive for a 20 Acre job are a "No Brainer' for a residential job. Conversely a Bermuda seed for erosion may cost $5.00 per pound while a premium Bermuda seed could cost $50.00.

image-residential-bermuda Aeration

Aeration is a service we offer AND recommend for all property owners (residential and commercial). Aeration improves turf water and fertilizer uptake, while reducing soil compaction. Aeration should occur in the "growing season" (Spring/Summer for Eastern NC). YOU CANNOT over aerate... and aeration is the least expensive means to improve your turf. For those of you that are concerned about "pesticides/fertilizer/or chemicals" aeration doesn't’t require any of these... but will improve the effectiveness of most of these. BTW (by the way) the fuel you put in your car is more dangerous to you and everyone than 90% of the pesticides we use on your yards.


Image Link Weed Control

We offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. Here's an example of us applying products to a large yard with a ride on system. You typically need to apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring and fall and a post emergent herbicide in the summer AND winter. We do not recommend the use of "Weed and Feed" products in Eastern NC. We have conducted several "turf renovations" for home owners that improperly calibrated their equipment. The time to apply pre-emergent herbicides is definitely not the right to apply fertilizer, consequently either the fertilizer is dumped into our water supply, or the weeds you wanted to kill just get a boost of fertilizer (because they are already growing).


Image Link Granular Fertilization

Fertilization of turfs are a key maintenance process. We offer both granular and Hydro-Feeding services. Granular services can be accomplished via push or ride-on equipment. Hydro-Feeding can be applied via a chemical spray (typically applied with an herbicide or pesticide) or a hydroseeder (typically for materials that require a large dilution ratio).

Image Link Residential Hydroseeding

Residential hydroseeding is (for the most part) exactly the same as what we do for our commercial customers.

Image Link Equipment Calibration

Weed and pest control requires calibrated equipment, here's an example of the routine services/calibration we do for our fertilization and pesticide/herbicide equipment.

Image Link Equipment Clean-up

Hydroseeding uses materials that are great for turf, but hell on steel. Here is an idea of what occurs after the seeding is done. For other hydroseeders, here's what we do after every job.

Image Link Top Dressing

Top dressing is a great way to improve drainage, root expansion, and for home owners... a level mowing surface.

Image Link De-Thatching

Thatch is bad, it reduces the amount of water that gets to the roots of your turf and the amount of fertilizer on herbicides that get to where they are effective. There are a number of ways to remove thatch, here’s one way we remove thatch while minimizing the potential for root/stolon/rhizome damage to your turf.


Horse Farm Turf Renovation

Failed lawn with weeds, debris, compacted soil, and an overall eye sore for the home owner. We saved what could be saved, and removed what couldn't be saved.

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