Commercial Hydroseeding

Providing commercial, municipal, county, and DoT hydroseeding and erosion control solutions. The difference between commercial and residential hydroseeding are typically only associated with size , seed quality, or safety oversight.

INSTANT GROUND COVER AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF SOD! We can hydroseed slopes as extreme as 1:1 with materials that will eliminate the concern of DENR or EPA fines. Sites can be seeded rapidly and include the seeds that you require, we've got you covered! This is our primary service. We arrive at your job site and spray the seed, mulch, and soil amendments that you need to get a good stand of grass off to a good start in one step. Typically we can do a residential yard within 3 hours. For commercial jobs we can hydroseed/mulch up to 6 acres per day. Commercial hydroseeding is typically concerned with establishing ground cover, reducing erosion, and covers multiple acres. Due to the large areas seeded and the type and quality of the seed (erosion control $3.00 vs.. sports turf $32.00 per pound of Bermuda seed).

Some of these cost savings are frequently lost to the contractor due to site access restrictions, payment delays (all payments are due on completion unless specified otherwise in a contract). OSHA oversight is typically significantly higher on commercial projects than those associated with residential contracts. While all companies try to maintain a safe work environment, the potential for OSHA fines are about 9000% higher (my exaggeration) on a commercial project than a residential project. Did you know that hard hats "EXPIRE" or that the fine is around $300.00 per employee if they are expired? I didn't either... the potential liability is an additional cost associated with commercial vs. residential contracts.

image-payment-terms Payment Terms

Payment is due on job completion (Completion definition is that we have prepared the site (if selected as an option) and seeded the site, installed silt fence, etcetera. We can conduct phased billing, NET 15, 30, 60, or 90 but this must be identified in a contract between us and the contractor. IF THIS IS NOT AGREED ON late fees will be added to the invoice.

image-site-restrictions Site Access Restrictions

Site access is a requirement for all jobs (commercial or residential). Any and all site restrictions MUST be highlighted the RFP/RFQ and highlighted in any follow on contracts. Our profit margin for commercial contracts is tight and all "Force Protection" or "access" restrictions not highlighted in the contract will be billed as an additional fee to the contractor. The potential for access delays to destroy a hydroseed load exists, this destroyed load will be billed to the contract as will time and expenses. This may sound extreme; however commercial margins are tight and unless specified otherwise in a contract, and bid accordingly, we are unwilling to accept the exposure.

image-mulch-mix Mulch Mix

CONTRACTORS PAY ATTENTION: Mulch is king when hydroseeding! There are mulches that cost as low as $6.00 and range as high as $40.00 for the same amount (one lasts 2 weeks applied to a flat surface, while the other can go on a cliff and last 7 months). Additionally, mulch can be applied at different rates (1,000 LBS to 4,000 LBS per acre)... and this MATTERS! 4,000 LBS/acre of Profile Flextera (or other flexible growth medium) = turf on a cliff while 1,000 LBS of paper mulch on the same slope = a $5,000.00 bill to fix the erosion (+) the re-seeding fee. "ENSURE YOU SPECIFY WHAT YOU WANT REGARDING MULCH". Always compare apples to apples... if you don't specify the mulch rates and mulch types you'll end up comparing apples, oranges, turd's, and diluted turd's in the same batch without knowing which is best (diluted turd unless is the cheapest unless you identify what you want)... PS... diluted turd ends up more expensive in the end.

image-got-clay Got Clay?

Clay is "clingy" and tends to HATE turf! But there are options when hydroseeding... these include Neutra Lime, Bio Prime, or other soil amendments that may seem expensive. However; the cost of "gambling" on the options is typically a fraction of the cost of bringing in top soil and seeding.


Turf Reinforcement Matts, Scour Pads, Wattles, and Grass.

Hydroseeding is our strong suit, however we also provide turf reinforcement matts, wattles, and scour pads as an environmentally and inexpensive option to RIP/RAP.